Discord Art Contest


The phantom is still hiding somewhere, we can't find him actually but here is our solution to lure him.
We need your support young agents to solve this case!


Read the Terms and Conditions

Now it's up to you!
Draw us an artwork in a christmas theme and realize your idea as a limited edition card for one of our next projects!
The team will decide in the end which idea suits best.

We want to mention that you don't have to be the best artist alive, your concept is important!


Here how it works:


  • Join Discord, pick up your pen and draw like never before!
  • Subject: Fan Art Contest (+Name of the franchise)
  • Submit your piece of art in JPEG or PNG format (a maximum of 4 MB) into the following Discord channel: #artwork_contest in the section Community


You can choose between the following franchises:

  • Bloody Chronicles
  • War of Ashird
  • Project [EDEN]


  • It isn't allowed to steal artworks by other users, please keep that in mind.
  • All artworks have to be "SFW". (You can draw sexy poses or clothes as long you don't hit our limit)
  • One submission per user


We'll pick 5 winners for the first round!


Good luck everyone! We're looking forward to see some fun stuff!