Here are your Q&A Results

Here are your Q&A Results


War of Ashird will be an gacha based game?

No the game is a buy to play title (You pay once and you can play it forever)


Do you have considered live2D model for bloody chronicles when you were making the game?

No it wasn't planned, but we keep that in mind for upcoming projects.


Boxers or briefs?

Boxers for males, briefs for females (fufufu)


How long did it take to come up with each character's name for Bloody Chronicles?

Round about 3 weeks


What are the requirements for being a voice actor for any of your games?

You must enjoy it, each kind of voice actor is unique.


Do you plan to explore other genres in VNs?

Yes, RPG's (such as War of Ashird) and 1 another genre is planned for the future.


What is your expected time for Act 2 of Bloody Chronicles release and will it have voice acting?

TBA 2019-2020




Thank you very much for participating the Q&A. The questions were really interesting.
Next round is coming in a few months once we have additional material to show!


We highly appreciate your support and we can't wait to provide you more games and content with quality.