Update "Bloody Chronicles is getting released tomorrow but"


Dear Bloody Chronicles Community,

We finished our beta testing period and feedback was very positive regarding the story, graphics, music etc.

However, beta testers pointed out that the number of grammar mistakes on the English version was too high (luckily for us, both the Japanese and Chinese versions are unaffected).

This happened despite having three different native English speakers translating and proofreading our script from Japanese.

We could easily fix them in our first update when we were talking about a dozen of something wrong.

Unfortunately, the amount of lines that need to be fixed is much higher.

Correcting hundreds of lines and re-recording them takes time.

We faced a dilemma because we wanted to release Bloody Chronicles according to our announced launch date but at the same time, we don't want to offer a game that does not meet our own high-quality standards.

What does that mean for the english Version? 


The fact that we have to deal with several online stores (especially Steam) further complicate matters because release dates can't be easily changed.

In the end, after discussing the different options, we decided to release the game for you as  Early Access version, so you can play it right now in its current state and see the improvements as we update them, until the definitive release on Q1 2019.

This Early Access version will have a 20% discount over the final retail price.

The backers will receive their digital keys for the main game as well as the DLC episodes (IF Mode, Christmas, Beach episodes) as soon as they're available, so those who supported us on Kickstarter will get a lot of extra content.


We are deeply sorry for this issues and we hope that this solution will be the best for everyone.

Thanks again to everyone of our wonderful community for your support, if you have any questions, please contact us.



Your "Igrasil Studio Team"

Discord Art Contest


The phantom is still hiding somewhere, we can't find him actually but here is our solution to lure him.
We need your support young agents to solve this case!


Read the Terms and Conditions

Now it's up to you!
Draw us an artwork in a christmas theme and realize your idea as a limited edition card for one of our next projects!
The team will decide in the end which idea suits best.

We want to mention that you don't have to be the best artist alive, your concept is important!


Here how it works:


  • Join Discord, pick up your pen and draw like never before!
  • Subject: Fan Art Contest (+Name of the franchise)
  • Submit your piece of art in JPEG or PNG format (a maximum of 4 MB) into the following Discord channel: #artwork_contest in the section Community


You can choose between the following franchises:

  • Bloody Chronicles
  • War of Ashird
  • Project [EDEN]


  • It isn't allowed to steal artworks by other users, please keep that in mind.
  • All artworks have to be "SFW". (You can draw sexy poses or clothes as long you don't hit our limit)
  • One submission per user


We'll pick 5 winners for the first round!


Good luck everyone! We're looking forward to see some fun stuff! 

Our Discord Server is launching this month!

We're working hard to provide you a new home with the community and the team!

Why isn't the server public yet?

  • verification by Discord is in progress.
  • We have to improve one of our bots.
  • We have to check every single role and channel for perfect security.
  • Partners & Mods can join the server a few days earlier.
  • We're looking for active & trustful mods to keep the chat safe & clean


How can I apply for a mod position?


  • Write us a message on Twitter and tell us why we should choose you :)